Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage: classic strokes glide, knead and smooth to relax, reduce stress, detoxify and rejuvenate. Hot towels and sensual therapeutic-grade essential oils enhance this deeply restorative treatment.

Deep Tissue: deeper, targeted pressure relieves pain, increases circulation and mobility and accelerates healing. An effective muscle shortening technique (structural relief therapy) is sometimes used to further address troubled areas. Powerful essential oils and hot towels enhance the therapeutic effects.

Hot Stone Massage: Soothing heat from smooth, basalt stones penetrates achy muscles, melting tension and relaxing the whole being.

Pre-Natal Massage: A relaxing treatment for baby and you.

Price For All Treatments

45 minutes – $75
60 minutes – $95
75 minutes – $120
90 minutes – $135

Chair Massage: $1.00 per minute